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Unblock Blocked Websites Free by Using this Simple Technique!

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Want to Unblock Blocked Websites for Free! follow the Instructions!

Some of the Websites are Blocked for certain regions for Multiple reasons. Ex: Copyrighted contents, Websites only created to show certain regions.

Some of the Easy Methods:

  1. Proxy – Old Method
  2. VPN – Virtual Private Network – Reliable

Using Proxies is the Old and Outdated method so we skip to New Methods.

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1. VPN – Virtual Private Networks:

VPN is the Powerful and Reliable way to Unblock Any Blocked Websites. they simply Allow users to select different country servers and connect users virtually to That selected server IP.

So the user IP Location Changed. Websites/Domains are Only Blocked for Certain Regions.

For Example, If the Indian Govt. Blocked a Website, Only ISP (Internet Service Providers) in India should Follow the Order and Block website.

But, Other World Countries No need to follow this order. A user from the United States without any VPN, Proxy can easily Access the website.

Likewise, VPN Allow users to Switch the country location virtually. so you can too Access the site without traveling to another Country.

VPN not only used to Unblock blocked websites they also used to Protect users Online Privacy.

VPN is a Billion Dollar Business among the Internet World. Don’t worry there are some Free VPN’s Available Out There.

Some Fine Working Free VPN:

1. Tor Browser – Tor Network:

Tor is the Most Secured Network also Called as Onion Router. Actually, It’s Developed by the US Navy to Share Secrets Documents Over the Internet.

Later The Tor Network came Publically and Now used by Millions to protect Internet Privacy. Also, The So-called Dark Web Existed Only Becuase of Tor Network.

Tor Not Function Like a VPN, It’s a Browser Has Inbuilt Tor Network Circuit and Automatically Connect users Anonymously.

In VPN, Users can able to choose the Server. Not in Tor.

2. Touch VPN:

Touch VPN is a Chrome Browser Extension. it’s an Awesome Free VPN. I am using this Chrome Extension Over 5 Months. No Issues. Completely Free.

Touch VPN Also Available in the Android Play store. Search and Install It.

3. Opera Browser:

Latest Opera Browser Came With Inbuilt Powerful VPN Extension. The servers are really Fast and Easy to use the Browser. Just Download Opera Browser to Browse anonymously.

4. VPNBook With Open VPN:

Another Free VPN Developed as Open Source.

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These are Some Easy Methods to Unblock Blocked Websites. Hope this Post Helps you Enjoy the Freedom of the Internet.

If you Face any Issues while Installing or using VPN, Proxy site just Leave a Comment Below. I Will Help you to Fix!

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